Sunday, February 8, 2004


Patience Portal

by billy forbes '77

On the phone with whom

wonders i on the front porch, you

wave through your picture

window---wait a minute,

patience and another wave

glad to wait, signal

me in---we'll be seeing

each other soon.        Am i doing this right?

And i'm still wondering about that poet...  billy forbes must have been publisht somewheres.  Mean=while, i promised dremes of Muscalunges[?]  That is, how many times do you dream of cannibalistic cat=fish?  I did!  And then my hands were consumed of fire=ants off the half-remaining organ exposed catfish loser.  The ferric acid of said Ants was curtailed only by ice=water!  The bones of my knuckles were bloody yet pure.  Never mind, [i tell myself], it's just a dreme...

I wake 2 realise such things & they rarely happen.  But the 'pooter calls me to organise differential oppositional tasks---And then i collapse at last 2 dreme again?!  My way=ward=ness and Confusion know no ending.  But my hair was cut by an especial asian girl yesterday, and i will arrife @ myself soon with your help.  Oh, yeah~~the green=ghost still operates very well. If there be more dreams[sic] tomorro, i'd be the first to Know...perhaps.  And painting, i promise 4 i am

            In static Revery, an ant=ridden Slack                    smooches


grandmumsy08 said...

Yes, you are doing this right. but I cannot find poet Billy Forbes anywhere but here. I never have dreams like yours--so vivid and exasperating. If I did, i'd write junk like this:
The blood of my hands becomes
All-consuming fire ants drilling
Their skirmish with my knuckles. Yet
Pure knuckles win, having never fought.
And, as with all fire, the doubting ants
Are doused by the ice of watered thirst.

karynetaylor said...

in your dream, what you have, is carpal tunnel syndrome.... that's exactly what it feels like, and now when I try to explain to my doctor what my hands feel like at night, I hope you don't mind if I quote you. Those lame-ass pain pills he prescribed do me no good! Drinking lots of water, avoiding soda/ lots of sodium and some stretching helps usually.

~ Karyn

hrmore1956 said...

You're a nut! Enjoyed the site and will be back!



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