Tuesday, February 3, 2004


Title:  the day was Icy~Dicey, schlippy=nippy...& rainy sans brainy.


There are so many Glowers who are funnier today, considering...  Scoops, Floralilia & all their ancillary sites.  I try 2 connect all=together  but i rarely maus the haus.  And over=more, the other Glowers have presently exceeded my minimalism & eclecticism... hmm~twas ever thus. That is 2 say, i can barely Bank & drive around in the cold [yet rising] mist of Eastern raininess...it ponders me like a shadowy grundsau.


Tommorro is the other day you forgot about while you were dreaming this Morning.  I would think about it but the icy shades of a February night are blanketting the Slack with droppy/drippy icicles of especial indifference.  Funny & simple, i will become on day=the=next...  as much as my Grand-Nephews grow & Glow, particularly reflectif~~Granduncle Slack





merelyp said...

You got the Muse link back-- Good goin'! I am especial indifferent, too, these days, but I do not blame winter weather... moreover dullness of brain. Perhaps too much semi-sweet chocolate. or is it the High Life? smacbac

grandmumsy sam

floralilia said...

"slippy ....slappy...swanson....no...." "check to see if it's on her bag lloyd" "oh! samsonite!" (or something like that...) sorry - free flow of ideas after i read your opener slac...

you are the grandaddysmac.....mr. emerald person, you.

slacbacmac said...

and~~"...nippy, nappy, noopy... early mornin' singin' song..." ~HAIR

slacbacmac said...

Whooops! Now i have 2 send myself a prise~~The slack is himself # 3200.
Regardless, I will date=up tomorro & reply 2 any and all Commentators
as i go along with my REAL life. id est, All Visitors come 1 come all...

chapterxxi said...

Girl... you got to come on over to the beach, like 'rat' now!!!!!! Race, the bookkeeper.
It's a little cloudy, but still lots of fun, and it's below the 'dinner' you're invited to (give me a chance to update).

karynetaylor said...

we are expecting some major "schlippy=nippy...& rainy sans brainy" weather here. Well, just lots of rain. But it sounds better your way!

~ Karyn


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