Thursday, February 5, 2004

What? Thersday Again?


by billy forbes '77

cold pelt struck

home--moist rain-face

sadly pensive

young man at

the back of the bus

cry low and softly for

the woman that's a

child that's a flower

you can see---

cold rain-struck bus.


Hey gang!  There's a gosh=darn poem up there!  Would that it were well and truly so...Now if i could only figger out who this billy forbes character is.

    Anyway~~there's plenty 2 read and explore in the previous sets of commentary.  My visitors are especial gracious and forgiving [as i stumble thru the line=on Linking schtuff].  Snow melts, Hane watches Columbo, Cat's Dad is off one foot in the Hospital & we pray for him all=together.  And here am i, slackt bac and cultivating my fan=base...trying 2 eschew Verbosity @ all turns.  Would that i arrifed on the PentaGlows~~NAH! not myself.  [some of my music is all='rat']


merelyp said...

Billy Forbes, you rapscallion, you. See how you are? I love the endline. You are a top 5 in my book. and my book counts! I suppose I also misspelled above... skip it,-- rascal.

floralilia said...

hey slac..dropped in to see where you are always, you leave me breathless.

slacbacmac said...

Flo, you know so much of me~~i am exactly where i am, i think...
Sam: you shine especial often, but billy forbes remains a Mystery, mayhaps.


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