Sunday, February 22, 2004


Title:  Puzzle Perfect

I tried so hard not 2 be my own 3600th visitor.  And who was counting anyway?

I've been bouncing & pouncing over the Glows & i must admit that many people are excited about the new features---but i reserve myself like a ward=back journalist.  And so many of the great Writers are taking vacation anyway...but i send especial comments 2 my tight posse for hanging tough in the midst of GARGANTUAN changes.  [what the hell is the slackster talking about?]

Spring is in the Air; well, almost the spring that passes for melting snow up here.  And the tuna controversy is almost over as well.  I still solicit deep comments until i publish my own recipe.

  Cat's Dad is coming along, needing prayers & help for his recovery.  Hane stretches her 50 foot line and manages to manage.  The kids & the grandkids and the great=grandies are progressing in full of their faces all=together.  Could this be a lazy Sunday, when i don't publish all their Wonderful pictures?!

[rhetorical, maniacal]  Mean=time, visit the Dancer and her pages~~she's a little funky under the February.  Such a favourite forensic/mentor i could not ask better after. [Beware of prepostions]

Extra joke: How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  How do you eat a rhinoceros? Not until you finish that plate=full of elephant, young lady!

Tomorro there will be much more...  with comments of tuna no less!      slac


merelyp said...

my funk is that obvious? invisible as I am? how extraordinary.
the dancer...with a minimum of 2 left feet.

slacbacmac said...

Subtle minds retreat from the obvious.
Cloudy funk is passing; the good funk
is funkalicious & forever. ~~Author

musenla said...

I myself prefer to wait on going beta until it's formally launched next month. Don't wanna risk losing any of my entries in case there's a snafu. I did try it out on a test journal and it's looking good!


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