Saturday, February 14, 2004

love reflected

Title:  I'm only an Uncle...

SO~I'm cruising around the cyber=space catching up on all my galfriends [they are so many] And WHAM! it hits me like a proverbial brick=ton, my little annie~banannie is getting married in May!  That operatic angel is in my top list of nieces & i count on ten fingers...  And the Lizard is setting up her sister's bridal shower as i stumble thru my life...  Holy Crud!  I changed her dydies in Hawaii for good=ness sake! [Anne not Lizard, altho who remembers?]  Did i mention it was in Hawaii?  Why does life go so fast?

The plan is that we should all attend her special day & shower Them with blessings which we all provide.  Her brideliness presents me with no shortage of miraculous confluence...and i speak extemporaneously.  Her intended must be the luckiest man on earth [i effuse the attributes of Annie].  God bless us all 2 have such love reflected upon us, even in some troubled days.  Our blessings are Unbounded!  This is my little Annie~~oh, grateful days.  tomorro, i shall effuse less & fill in the Sunday puzzle.    slak=osculations


chapterxxi said...

... so, here it is Sunday afternoon, hope the puzzle is done - now off to the real stuff, hunh? Like slowing life down, effusing more and figuring out what to wear to the wedding and how to wrap your love. Race

slacbacmac said...

Musta been the Holiday...i hate 2 get gooey.
Puzzle done 100% correct~~Sunday relaxation
proceeding as planned.

merelyp said...

Yeah, you are only an uncle like Uncle Sam is only the government.

floralilia said...

you are only an uncle - in love - methinks.


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