Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Title:  the February Doldrums

I am not the big fan of musicals--so i'm barely listening to Brigadoon.  something about a Scotch town that appears every century or so...Hane seems to like it.  I prefer the Gilmore Girls & Keen Eddie of last night.  I have excellent taste in television shows~~when i'm not trying to date=up my Glow efficiently.  Would that the 'putre controls behaved as simply as a TV Remote!  'twill ne'er be Thus. [and more's the pity.]

Anyway, i was dreaming again last night that i was on=line, filling in commentary & forms or some such~~i awoke with a start {has any=one ever awoke with a satisfactory ending?}...and once again, my fingers were furious that the actual 'pooter was 2 floors down & inactif!  I hate that dreme all=together! More=over i had been tapping in dreamstate, on many of the greatest sites.   i'll get over it.

Strikes me funny, tho' that i do my best line=on interWebbing unconscious.  Nature of the Beast...  but there is the beast in my nature to conquer the problems/adventures as they occur.  [the thing is only laffably a façon]  And where were you when the revolution began?  oops~Amnesia...

Capsizer was 3500, Karyn was on a beautiful vacance, Flo had as much troubles with pix as me... Mumsy chex my français & i am off without potery or pix...          slack


hrmore1956 said...

Take a pen and paper to bed. And by the way, your advise to me about doing just that really hit the bullseye. I had been thinking about writing my next short story, not on the computer, but on a notebook like I've written the others. We ESPd there. By the way, I really like your new painting, and now I feel like going off and doing an abstract myself.

karynetaylor said...

Dude! I don't know how I'm doing it, but somehow, here I am at the dreaded office prison and able to leave a comment. Is it sheer will?

And fancy you, YOU are the journal I go to in my momentary lapse here on the job. I don't dream of journalling. I dream of not having to work.

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Spoooooooky....what would Carl Jung say?
[Jung:],"Leave me alone, I'm dead!"
Minds floating in cyber=land...woooo
Dang, i just scared myself.


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