Monday, February 9, 2004

Another pome...

The Unreality of Truth

by Astinerzo Rinunzo 1979

I shine but do not burn

I guard the faithful preserve

the history flows behind

my hands clutching words.

Ionized plasma hotter than

the surface of the sun

between Zeus and Mars

lighted sons off to stars.

Wandering, traversing

growing alone yet nursing

a beer, a cigarette, a bomb

a page of news, cup of coffee.

There upon the windowsill

a bird and cat together

a glass of wine, a winding river

the snake sleeps, you smile.

I kiss you and wander off

the tree of Death has no fleur

only the green-black fruit

from whence upon devouring

Renders one ever unconscious

my spirit flies to meet you

And the bright gold flowers

bloom at your feet...

I fall, I sleep, I find you gone

I see you running off with Jason.


Apparently, i can only enter potery via the Werdpad...not the Note=pad.  What's the up with that?  Some of my best werk is relegated to notepad & can't find its own correct path to the glow=page.

Never mind, the slack is adaptable if nothing else.  And why am i wasting my time with long forgotten revolutionary poets like Astinerzo Rinunzo?  Yet another rhetorical question as i plough thru the rough...  At least i made the gonzo grocery run for Hane & myself. [77dollars werth of canned goods mostly.]  Take heart, hans & other beach bums~~i am still a nut.  And more=over, altho i do not know where the Verses come from---I am obliged to make the effort.

My hands are cold but not carpal yet and i would probly better be off painting than printing.          hmmm, i sense an epiphany coming on~~and if i don't dreme & paint especial by tomorro, i also sense that every=one of import will Comment @ length.

I am trying 2 save stuff & also be funny myself [except in the face...]  Ponderosity~~


slacbacmac said...

OH! Crud~~i did it again. As the round=clock Visitor i must paint my own
Flowers! Smooches 2 all that tried while i was load=upping poems and a painting
to go with. Read me but don't Heed me~~i am spurious!

grandmumsy08 said...

the poet you "quote" above was only 19 or 20 when he wrote this, I figure. That makes it extremely amazing, let alone appreciating the grand juxtaposition of such cool images as the one you "paint" in YGP space. I likes it! "cept the poet shouldn't say from whence because whence = "from where." U haf 2 use word pad cuz it was 2 big, my guess is. smooches to the 3300th visitor!

grandmumsy08 said...

spurious, I'll say. you didn't sign your masterpiece illustration. quel domage--or is domage feminine? quelle, then. dern the gender specific french, anyway. smac

hrmore1956 said...

Glad you got the canned goods. Now, who is Astinerzo Rinunzo? Is this going to become an important cultural site for me to visit? Was that art at the top your own? And to think all I do is draw snakes, manatees, and piglets. I'm going for abstract tomorrow, and all thanks to you!

hrmore1956 said...

OK, I forgot a question: what is that white oblong shape behind the cat and the bird. Cat have an accident? Just curious.

slacbacmac said...

C'est Oui! It is the quel domage [French men cry more than they women??]
The 'fruit' is indeed coming 'from where', i think. Maybe Astinerzo himself can
answer that one.
Hey, Fence=Man! That white thing is not a berd~terd but only White Space...
a neccessary Ingredient in some paintings. Thanks 4 all the insightful questions,
for they keep my Amnesia in abbeyance... the Glow=Author


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