Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Title:  We got it Good, sometimes...

   Shouts 1st Out 2 the gang--mumsy is my especial adviser & corrector & a Penta=Glower herself non pareil.  And the Fence~Man [see other glows] has a keen editorial sense...yes, i do most of my own pictures unless i steal them from Relatives.  Altho, if you send stuff i might be convinced Again 2 borro copiously [get thee behind me, Satan!  Scold & Scald me not.]

  Nevertheless, i am appreciatif of the 20 peeps who read me daily---So, Anyway, I'm like watching my Rockford Files [with Mariette Hartley, no less] and Hane wakes up, or stays up to shout,"You've got to help me find my Patches..."  That's nitro=glycerin 4 those of you that don't live with a heart patient.  She just about came down the stairs with her walker and her 50 feet of tubing when i found the patches under her regular sitting chair.  What a brefless commotion!  The troubles an eighty year old woman will get into without a definite System.

  And i am only the Advocate there=of...  Cat's Dad is a little werse off i'd say, just having had his ankle pinned and other stuff.  God bless him on this brief Vacation.

  All=right, i've said enuf and Optimism dictates that things could only get better.  The opposite is barely werth considering.  That is, keep them prayers & comments coming~~and the Slack will also look after you some=day.   Poetry?  maybe so, maybe no.  Off i go***


karynetaylor said...

I feel left out, unloved. Just kidding. Hey, as soon as we get privacy going, the first thing I will do is display your "Opera Bolstered" Masterpiece side by side. Or is that what YOU were asking to do? Did you ask me for the original again? Did I dream that? Man I need to get some zzzz's


floralilia said...

slac - vous ette ze artiste extraordinaire, mon leetle raisinmuffin...in more ways than one. ah am glad zat ewe found ze patches under ze fhavorhett chaire..angina can be such a nuisance, eh?

slacbacmac said...

Mein Zite is balky today, Non?
Nevertheless, i spread the Amour.
Perhaps i have ze beump on ze head...

mae120866 said...

I love being thought of as a chocolate-with-white-sugar-thingies-on-top blogger! Merci Beaucoup!

hrmore1956 said...

J'ai a malade de coeur. J'aime le nitroglycerine.

I just love this site. I feel I can come in here and be crazy, and no one will notice since the author is much wackier than me. YEAHHH!!!


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