Saturday, November 1, 2003

Insanity--part trois

"lots of leftover candy"  {must  try  to  use  only  one  colour}  Man, that Casio drum set can sure keep time!

     Clearing the decks:  a couple of fellow Glowers have noted my entries are Humorous & Original. {must  e=mail  them}  And here i was going for the depressive & cliched!  Oh well--chacun a son gout. {Must    get    French    character    set}  Sacre bleu!  Et merci beaucoups..    Meanwhile, the Capsizer was good enuf to send a couple Halloween pix and i appreciate that.  Hmmm [dragon growl] maybe i'll buy me one of them dexa=pectoral giga=pull CAMERA thingies.  Then i'll really be able to dump some awful images onto 'hey you've got some fotoes, or something'

     {must  Not  Rant  Anti=technologically} [creaky door]  And now for the body of the text:

     Apparently, i spoke too soon about the yard=werk declining becos, YES--we overfilled the five roll=offs YET again! [door slams]  I personally blame the wonderful weather in my neck of the woods.  So many trux, so many trailers, so much Dumpster=climbing.  {must  use  less  spurious  equal-signs}  It will have to be somewhat different next year.

     If you don't know it by now--none of my special fonts and italics "link" to anything.  {perhaps  i  am  the  Missing  Link?}  Yet, in some small way my Glow is entertaining, n'est-ce-pas?  And so, fans & fambly, i toddle to other jernals as i am sometimes wont to do; there's a bonus for Commentators [and e=mailers] who count and chronicle all the misspellings and faux-pas within this pardicular entry, altho' i haven't yet decided what that bonus should be! 



slacbacmac said...

forgiveness of myself---i ran way over the 2500 limit of text, so i had to erase
backwards the Really Funny Stuff! Not really...but i think i saved it with a fountain pen & loose=leaf. TATCWP le slaque, amour

kornchildrc12 said...





jim2bev said...

a bonus of uneaten halloween candy......LOL. Snickers are my favorite, hee hee.

slacbacmac said...

so much candy--so little time. Hey, does anybody remember the HORSE=SIZED
chocolate we used to get as kids 4 just a nickel?? Man, we shoulda all been in a darn Diabetic Coma by now! ~smax lips, nostalgically~


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