Friday, October 31, 2003

What? No Dark Shadows?

"arooooo!!  That was some scary movie, eh kids?  What was that?"

     ---Count Floyd, SCTV [parafrase]

     My Anticipation is palpable.  All those tiny extortionists in strange and funny costumes.  And their parents shuffling along for the ride...

     Still, i love the halloween; it's such a neighborly holiday.  My favourite part is stealing next=door to see what treats MaryAnn & Ed are distributing.  My candy is fresh this year, i promise...Heck i bot 5 bags!  I also especially like the infants who get carried up to the door in their outfits & they have no clue what they're supposed to do!  Id est, i may be the scariest thing they see all year, but they must be in a mild state of shock already by the time they get to my door.  I can't imagine how the new parents explain it all---the free candy, the trooping from door to door AND all these other crasy people doing the exact same thing?!  God bless 'em.

     Meanwhile & more=over, Lizard has all the latest pix of our babies---go bug her for copies [insanely maniacal Diabolical lafter!]  But, BEWARE my spooky compadres...She's 'It' and she might just Tag you!         ooooooowooo[ i think she's a familiar if not the real deal.]    more lafter.     Did i mention the Anticipation of more scary comments and e=mail?  It's just a thing until i apply myself to making the Glow more accesible.  And to all my female fans:  I really do want to bite your collectif necks. [hypnotic stare]         darkly, almost vampiric were=slack...        CRRREEEEAAAAK


kornchildrc12 said...


--------- --------- ---------
| \ / \ / \
| O | | | | |
| / | | | |
| \ | | | |
| O | \ / \ /
|______/ ---------- ----------


*********** HAPPY HALLOWEEN **************

jim2bev said...

neighborly holiday eh, half of our neighbors obviously didn't read this entry, other wise they would have had the lights ON, and someone home to hand out the goodies....bah humbug.....LOL. My son was "Bloody Scream" and scared half the neighbors back into, Hope you had a good one, glad you had fresh candy this, what's up with the unpopped popcorn bags people were handing out this year? hee hee

floralilia said...



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