Saturday, November 22, 2003

# 2000

Title:  "That's what i get for being such a busy guy..."

     Apparently, while i was over=loading 5 roll-offs in the pleasant November air, Someone became the two thousandth visitor to slack=werld!  Congratulations, whoever you are.  {it must be noted that 500 of those hits were myself writing or correcting the Glow--do i like the sound of my own voice?}  

    Many of my cuddies are wishing me happy holidays as the time comes for them & me to disappear for the remainder of 2003.  Altho', they were especially present all=together on this nice day!  We couldn't get another stick on.  But as i said earlier--they sure had a nice enough day for it.

    Fambly=wise: somebody send a link to this Glow to my good cousin Mark, who had his 44th birf=day yesterday.  I would do it but i have absolutely no info on my favourite Hawaiian cousin.  And that's also what i get for being such a newby: namely, all my relatifs have had pooters so long they just assume i have nearly as much contact knowledge as they.  Alas & Alack, i don't.  So if you are a long=lost fambly member with piles of data on your top=lap and you don't mind sharing it with a chronic~fresh e=mailer & alltogether Annoying super-uncle Wacky glow-author...Step up!  You could be #3000 & get a prize.  I wouldn't love you all any less [?]{!}.  Plus, of course, the prize.   Advise @ all costs for i am laughing myself silly...

       the inimitable  Slack


slacbacmac said...

Try as i might--i could not add a picture of any kind 2 this entry.
Perhaps my text is too long and complex?! Never mind, fans, i'll add a NEW
one tomorro B4 i write a tittle! smooches ~Author

merelyp said...

Hi, Slack!
I just found a fun graphic for your #3000 visitor. i will send it in the electronic mail, but I gotta tell ya, AOL couldn't make it any harder to get it in there.
Because it jiggles and wiggles (is animated), it has to go thru FTP space--a sort of jiggle-fixing, like a car wax, I think. ~~ sammyJ
more below

merelyp said...

No! No! I meant more above! and this is it:
... so then ya gotta click on the Hometown page thing. Oh, it's just stupidly hard, but you'll enjoy it in the mail, where a person just has to copy and paste or "insert picture" . AOL is silly.
and I am sam, likin' your bloggy stuff

happyb8888 said...

You're about 8,000 behind me, Slacker.... get on your horsie!!!! :)

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen


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