Sunday, November 16, 2003


Title:  what is real?

    That is the essential meta=fysical question as especially regards the fates of Raven & est, I am sure some=one perished in a horrible car=crash somewhere on the planet in the past week.  The problem is--should our condolences go out to real models or to fantastic archetypes created by hacker=goofs & itinerant pornograglowers[is that a new werd?]?  Never mind, the essential question goes unanswered, as all good posits.  I, myself, as a near=buddhist will not spend any more time on that subject... Trust & Verify--Comment early and often, epistemologists...        slack


grandmumsy08 said...

I did it! i STOLE herman!

But for good reason,
or rather...good whimsy!


slacbacmac said...

tsk--tsk. And to think of all the wonderful pictures i Appropriated before
i rediscovered ETHICS! Whimsically yours, myself


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