Saturday, November 8, 2003


Now, that's more like it--nothing like a little frost=bite to concentrate the mind.  OK, it wasn't that bad...but i did manage to fill those roll=offs again.  Did anyone notice my mood was "chillin'"? It's a pun!  Altho i'm in=of=doors now and pretty toasty.  Warming myself by the lapping flames of my personal Glow.  {Ha Ha Ha phphbft Ha--a blog joke}  Let's see how fast i can run out of text.  I can save a lot i think by refusing to Indent or perhaps, someday, by having a point!  Yes, readers, you can dreme of it also.  Hey--it sure beats poking yourself in the eye with a sharp, hot, stain=less steel pointed stick. [i sense a pointed theme.]  Going to check out that lunar eclipse myself.  And learn to write in complete sentences. +without parenthetical expressions+  i put the chill in chillin' becos i am the inveterate slacker=backer from anothre planet [more incoherent babbling...] And i smooch your commentary directly & indirectly.     dark


musenla said...

a shout back to my fav minimalist glow-er!

merelyp said...

there is no point to having a point.
this is blogland!
'tis intended to be pointless
that's the point...

i so enjoy this,

floralilia said...

did anyone mention - pointlessness? how amusing.

slacbacmac said...

{Ooops! The Bear bites back}
(Note Especial time=lapses)


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