Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Title:  "Turkeys?  We don't need no stinkin' Turkeys!"

    Bountiful Greetings from the Slack house=hold!  We have much to be grateful for on this Giving=Thanks occasion...  almost too much to mention[?]   Maisie will be entertaining Cat and the gang in her wonderful Northeast home & i will be watching Rocky & Blade's bassett=hound.

   At some point, i will cook us a stuffed chicken.  Rose will have a great feast on the Left Coast & they will be thankful the fires have subsided.  Jack & the boys will watch mucho foot=ball i am sure.  And Kay will celebrate quietly in Germany--'tho her love and gratitude will precede us in time.  Twas ever thus!  And for all the other relatives [many] who will gorge themselves this weekend:  WE are blessed all=together to share the day with you in spirit & in fact.  However you celebrate, Hane and my love will shower you as you pray over your meal.  Let us strive to live soon in a century when no=one goes hungry.    And likewise 2 all my readers & fans---have a safe and happy day.

        cinnamon smooches, me

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cyberdancer1008 said...

YIKES!!! Cinnamon smooches! Yikes.

smack back, slack!

with much whimsy,


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