Thursday, November 6, 2003

All About Who?

Thank god it's raining!

I tried & i tried 7 ways from Sunday 2 put a small pic in all about me and none of them gave me satisfaction!  Awol Glowers--do not try this at home!!  I might be new to this but it is Totally counter=intuitif.  Better i should stick to text entries & "I've Got Kodiak samples".  And this is just one current frustration of my werld. why does this crap haf to be so bloody pro=pisha=prietary?????

    That is--somebody tell me in truth how all this is supposed to make my life Simpler.   I don't think so.

    Pardon me for ranting but it's the same old bull we've been getting from the Phone companies, US Mail & Cable Tele=voidness.

     aaarrrrrrgh..........fff the status quo        slak

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merelyp said...

I hear ya, bud.
'TIS better to just do it their way than to spend all the time getting ticked off. I was bitchin' about the gif's not working cuz i really do like a LITTLE animation, but then I was thinking how bloody annoying some flashing buzzing whirring jiving things can be. just do a link.
it's all about connections.
thanks for visiting again. I'll never get a tattoo either.


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