Wednesday, November 12, 2003



     what a day!  Or, rather, what a 24 hour period.  Rocky & i took the green ghost to her Doctor appt. last night and she stalled only once [the car].  More=over, the Doctor was not there.  But we had fun any=way bopping around the Web...she has much to teach me about this 'putre crud.  And she [the niece] did a good job of decimating my overage of a certain diet beverage.

     This morning, hane forced me to send a birthday message 2 her sister---it slowed my progress getting 2 werk but i was glad to do it.  Happy Happy R=M! that's aunt rosemary 2 the fambly.

     And then the darn car would not start for love or money!  She hates the iffy weather.  That's me catching the bus to werk again and asking one of the police=dispatch gals to run for cigarets. {every=one insert anti-smoking message here}  Me and the bus=driver were alone on the run back into town, but she was pleasant and lovely all=together [the bus=driver, she].  Yet, it was quite dark and scared me not.  Hey! Maybe there is a little Shakespeare here, anon.

     Inevitably amused & a rock=solid uncle despite automobilic travails periodic---RECYCLE! BUS! LIVE! and smooch the fambly of humanity....

            a resourceful & reliable slack


slacbacmac said...

Long=time readers---somebody send me or win me a more reliable driving machine OR the where=with=all 2 baby a 1977 dodge diplomat until it shames the ghosts of previous drivers. Never mind--tap, tap Vroom --AUTHOR

floralilia said...

..sounds like my '64 biscayne baby blue chevy. good ol' bessie.

slacbacmac said...

{Auto=mobiles...cain't marry 'em,
Cain't esplode 'em in public.}


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