Monday, November 10, 2003


title: how i did what i day in Novembre.

    Shouts 2 willy, the pumpkin story=man [moving stories], Rocky 4 building her own web=cite [not a misspell], my dear Muse just 4 hanging in/out & Cat 4 being the busiest momma in the werld!  She must get up @ dawn just to compile her schedule while engineer=Jim hangs out at the hotel breakfast bar in Arkansas.  [there's a rhyme there--i did promise some poetry.]  Regarding myself--i did pretty good werk today and the car behaved itself, especially after dark.  And, so, here i am @ home listening to cherch=bells & jeopardy--thinking of putting out my garbage and reclining on clean sheets...  Hey, gang, i can't be a funny cartoonist all the time!  + if you can't post to this page, you can always send me laudatory e=mail.  {it's one of those werds that only looks funny when you type it--laudatory/lavatory}  And i am there=for & completely, slacking the final Jeopardy........slac

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