Saturday, November 15, 2003


Title: a week of Windiness

Did everybody miss me?  I was busy editing code out of two IMPs for posterity.  Turns out simple IMPs are 75% machine=language!  Amazing.  Speaking of fones, the Cable guys were here on Thursday grading up our land=line...i think they were slightly stunned by our current wiring [two copper wires screwed to steel posts].  We seem to be entering the 20th Century--considering that until 1999 or so, we had one of those big black rotary desk=fones that they used to knock people unconscious on Columbo!  And we had to mail it back to Bell 'cos it was a Rental.  Myself, i walked everywhere Thursday in that killer, does that ever build character!

Friday--i continued to beat back the hypertext from my 2 IMPs, and other computer stuff.  We lost a beautiful Glower---[unverifiable]  and i just couldn't bear to make a flippy entry.  When cars can kill, I'm kinda glad my Dodge is tempermental.  {sentiment deleted}

Today: yes, the ghost took me to werk where we over=filled 5 bins with wind damage.  I had a little trouble directing traffic becos everybody went where they wanted to!  Must be close to the end of the season.  And here i am, dating up my Glow in a new Epoch...OH!  Thanx dancer for the IMP yesterday--and no, i forgot to save it. [more code not to back=space!! Ha!]   The slack is only so Retentif.           smooches

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