Monday, November 17, 2003


Title: "there are no links on this page..."

     Ignore previous entry.  So i'm having this dream where i'm on=line and mousing around the Glows and VOILA!  I've won a prize on somebody else's web=page, or something...  And of course i don't deserve it because i'm only dreaming about it.

    But the worst part about this dream is not that i can't find my own Glow, or that i don't know why i got the prize...but that i am so retarded that i can't do anything at all in response to the dream.  That is, i have reverted to cave=man status like Bill Hurt in that strange movie about sensory-deprivation.  I can't talk or drive or cook or speak or do anything remotely intelligent.

   And then i wake up and go to werk and i am fully human again.  No, really, i got up and went to werk with normal functionality.

     What disturbs me is i have begun to type and mouse in my sleep, kind of like when i first learned American Sign Language---i would finger=spell and make signs in my dreams.  Do any of the other Glowers have this problem?  It wonders me oddly.  And you, dear visitor, might as well ignore this entry as well...      dew=dew=dew=dew

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happyb8888 said...

Like your style Mack!! Good Luck!!

That Happy Chica,
Marcia Ellen

musenla said...

i haven't dreamed of typing and touchpadding yet, but i won't be surprised if i do soon, lol.

grandmumsy08 said...

i dew dew dew blog in my sleep--but I have yet to learn American Sign. I am indeed embarrassed about this inadequacy of mine, but my fingers are not at all agile.

and now they become arthritic.

you must go to OneHandClapping, my prize-winning blogger!


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