Friday, October 3, 2003

The end of That Chicken...

it's my Glow--it's eclectic...'twas Ever thus!   oops--you already read that.

     Well, yes i finished the chicken salad this morning and froze the remainder of the chicken soup; so technically that's the end of that Chicken.  Profuse apologies to the Vegetarians--there's just so much good stuff in white meat for this Human body.

     Rocky called this morning by cell and said,"whatchya doin'?"  She must have some Gramma=hane in her to start a fone conversation in that manner.  Fortunately for Rocky, i recognised her voice.  Any=way, the big news was that Engineering brother is up from Texas for a few days to fix our collectif length and with his peculiar Wisdom.  Haha!  Really--it will be great to have him around for a time; we love him so...

     AAAGGGHHH!  Somebody cut my Hair!  And it cost 16 dollars!  What could be next?  Like maybe i'll shave my moustache for the winter??  OR--maybe shave my entire head of the thin mousey hair that barely covers it?  Radical, yes...Impossible, no.  YOU have been advised albeit crazily.  My Female fans should comment profusely on these possible Out=comes.  [it's only Hair]

     This is taking too long, pointlessly.  Are we sure that we have to write entries every darn day?    well, folks:  comment early and often either about CHICKENS or the State of my hirsuteness.  I only promise to reply against my lesser{hair} Nature....        silly=schlack with smooch


uscga1995 said...

Haven't had much time to read lately, let alone comment. However, please note the accurate spelling of your neice-in-law's name is TANIA (vice Tanya).

Everybody has trouble with that name. Too many variations...


slacbacmac said...

mea culpa capsizer, mea maxima culpa--Tania it is and i know it.
Mean=while you can refer to me as Unka=booey, the Slack=Back Meister
of All known names...oh forget it. Billi werks for me as i mishspell every danm
thang. it's the 'puter and it tix me off ...sometimes
Meanwhile: where the rest of my group?!?


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