Wednesday, October 1, 2003

almost like a tele=fone

Soooo---these are the conditions which Prevail.

     First and foremost: Thanks to everyone for all the e=mail and Instant Massages.  I am not worthy...ok, maybe i am worthy.  Keep 'em comin'.

    Speaking of IM [which could also stand for "Intentional Misspelling"], please forgive me if i 'sound strange' on the chat=field.  I think faster than i type, i think.  Altho' you all sound just like yourselves.  It's almost like the telephone!  I'll try not to be obtuse or flippant in my IMs---but you can't expect me not to sound crasy.  That's my rep.  And since the 'puter encourages multitasking'... Glowers are bound to be split=minded.  [oops -- there's an IMP now] {see also Instant message Post}  Anyway--i will try to read and understand at a rate equal to the fastness of my fingers.  Yeah--right.

  Futhermore: i have trouble writing in Abbreviati. [exempligratia: lol can mean laugh out loud, lots of love OR little old ladies]  At least to me, i like to compose complete thots before inventing short=cuts.   'nuf said.

     Life is good, werk was cool. More later as i head now to other glows & Enterprise.

     Live long and prospect,  Mr. Slack--science officer

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floralilia said...

..those are good conditions.


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