Monday, October 27, 2003


title: The day Was Moist.

     I definitely stole my pay today---it rained all day and practically nobody brot recycles.  Sat in the mack=shack trying to stay dry.  Good luck to me!  Plus, the last hour was dark owing to the Reagan time=change.  Good thing i have the NPR [radio] and plenty of ancient dirty magazines.  HA=HA, my life is especially good!  {And no, dear Readers, you cannot have my job.}  OH! Wait--glowing on the Interweb is also my job???   Or maybe it only feels that way, some=times.  But here i am warm & dry.  Hmm---that brings me to an environmentally existential question: Is it better to werk in a small wet shack for 6 hours or to clatter around and mostly sleep in a much larger high=maintenance structure?

   I shall have to ask Bucky Fuller about that, the next time i see him.  Perhaps...

     thinking about it and finishing up, my life is still pretty good.  id est, slightly moist yet eminently favourable.  What do you think?                 [guncle=slak]


musenla said...

the word moist always makes me think of chocolate cake.

slacbacmac said...'s the Betty Crocker propaganda & the Hershey conspiracy...
The day was moist but un=cake=like. *giggle*

floralilia said...

cake? the word moist always makes me think of...uh..nevermind.


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