Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hane Gets a Haer=cut!

Miracle of miracles---Hane gets a hair=cut.

     It was a group effort.  I myself came home from werk expecting only to go out for dinner  but i find Rocky & Maisie working on straightening the Matriarch's thin white tresses.  It [the dinner] was a reservation for 8  at 7 [eight people at 7 o'clock] AT TGIF.  Lou had the shrimp avec june=bug...

     Then, back at home--the haircut was completed as we all talked with Annie=bananie...  Lizard werks better on the land=line AND she provided the conditioner to pull out the last of the 'rackies' in Hane's hair.  [rackies=knots=tangles]  Rocky finished the job, that maisie patiently combed, by actually cutting the Matriarchal tresses about six inches.  Well, i guess you had to be there--but it was quite the accomplishment for an elderly woman who hadn't had a real hair=cut since the last century.  Now if we could just get the Matriarch to take care of what little mop we left her with.  Me? I'm gonna get a coconut before Xmas!  Ha!  Chicken fingers--mmmmm

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floralilia said...

hane looks beautiful..even with rackies.


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