Wednesday, October 29, 2003



     i am truly small in such a beautiful universe; and don't i know it.  Thanks 2 pop=pop lou for all the great pix of the new baby, one of which i will include abof^...or more likely the picture of the wrung=out parental units!  God bless them.  Pardon me while i slip into a fone=boof[?] and turn into Super=Uncle.

     How do i love my Fambly?  Intricately, immensely?  Impossible to measure?  Yeah.  All the great filosofers had trouble with this one--namely, how do you share affection with people you are already connected to, as opposed to perfect[?] strangers or the werld @ large?  My answer, and usually theirs is like a certain sneaker commercial: You just do it.  And better yet--you don't have to be Super=Uncle to understand the basic emotion.  It  just  Happens.  My latest nephew {grandly} is a fresh and bright example of a connection we already share---to ourselves, our future And the incredible wonderment of the entire universe...[put the boots on the Baby, it's getting thick]'s all on Amy Grant's album which i just rebooted!   Excellent & Especial love in All directions, i am the hyperavuncular[?] SlackBackMack        smooch


musenla said...

aww slac, you're a softie aren't you? admit it! =)

floralilia said...

ah esplained that one pretty damn wonderfully...


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