Thursday, October 16, 2003


Richard Nixon said,"Let me say this about That..."  And he was also a California=politician.

     [entry formal]  What a glorious day for all of us!  The Pope has been Installed for 25 years!  Now, i know i've said some strange things about the Catholic cherch [and especially the bells of the cathedral in my neighborhood which annoy me Awfully] but even a lapser like myself cannot help but be impressed that this Polish parishioner has been on the job so loooooong!!

     jesus bless him---i can't imagine serving my township for more than less than half that amount of time.  [mathematical paradox]

     Meanwhile, it was very strange to see Arnold and George W. togethre on the same stage---i had to take a walk to clear my head.  Remember when superman used to visit Bizzaro=world?  Yeh--it was like that.  These truly are the conditions which prevail!  ERGO, my problems are miniscule and Incidental for sure.  {readers, please advise...} 

     Be that as it may and what have you?  This is a stunning entry which will go mostly un=read in "their" Universe...

     "And what do you make of the dog's actions in the night, Watson?"  --Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  you can't say i didn't tell you it would be Wild.  Expound thru Commentary.

     [end of entry?]

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floralilia said...

this feels like a page out of bizzaro world. but from the "good" bizzaro world, i mean.

how bizzaro is that?


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