Sunday, October 26, 2003


The text is Blue becos jeff & jen just had their first son--Wyatt!  Blessings on us is the greatest Miracle, day by day or especially freshly born.

     And of course i am the grandest uncle i know.  This is only my second time...Noah has a Cousin!  If only this humble filosofer could grow as fast and fairly as Maisie's grand=kids.  I mean the whole thing is just staggering to me.  What everlastingly beautiful other Miracles await?  Id est, perspectif is not just a technique one studies in Art Class.  And just yesterday, i was kvetching about cheese.

    Then of course i sent the grand news on to my peeps; this e=mail/inter-glow thing might just catch on.  More=over i was walking to the ATM and who also shows up there but Cat!  She said,"what are the chances?"  I'm not sure but i think it's probly one in a google [not the search=engine].  We're currently playing IM/e=mail Tag, and she's still 'IT'. Gosh, i love my Fambly.  And sometimes in quantum mechanics, the denser slower moving particle manages to intersect the faster, negligible excited particle.  YEAH--that would explain it.   Meanwhile, i wonder and ponder just where my extra Reagan=hour went.

     It certainly is grand to be the grand=uncle that I am---it humbles me more than i could describe.  Regardo uno uomo simplistico...     more tomorro---the connected Uncle of brilliantly wonderful childrens,      slack


louf48 said...

New mother and son doing fine, father expected to recover soon....

musenla said...

He's adorable! New life is always humbling, isn't it.

slacbacmac said...

for the sake of clarity--more and better pictures of my latest grand=nephew will
follow... I am a better writer than editor. 'Twas ever thus.

floralilia said...

what a perfect entry.


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