Tuesday, October 14, 2003


the leaves they are a-fallin'.

     And yet what a grand and special day. [WALK THIS WAY, the Original]  It took me awhile to get my crud together and walk down to the new Laundromat at 19th Street with Dad's sea=bag full of my sox and jeans, Hane's fragrant sheets.  Delightful!  [led=zep now]  What i mean is there is nothing more Especial than a clean, brand=new, conveniently walkable L=mat!  Unfortunately, i didn't bring any reading material--not even my own copy of the watchtower?!  Oh, well--there will be many more loads to carry by hand.  Are we bored yet?  Sorry, people, but i do live the simple life.  [STAIRWAY 2 HEAVEN]  Boy, do i ever need a new set of head=fones...especially for this radio=computre.  I'm listening to music as a way to drown out Hane's 'murder, she poofed'.   HHmmmm...maybe Angela Lansbury was the inspiration for the STAIRWAY SONG?!  Commentators, please Advise.  [OOOHHH, here's the Solo--go Jimmy P.]!

    I'm glad i bot that CD!  Love the Laundry 'cos it will Direct your life....'to heaven...'  And now, i must depart [the levee] and smooch=out to all my Readers.    "tomorro is anothre day" --Scarlet O'hara

    i am the slac

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