Sunday, October 5, 2003

the harvest is in...

frustration--the gates machine took over my entry briefly...       Nevertheless, i sallied forth [with sullied flesh] to date=up my jernal. hmmm

     The tomatoes are green and the cucumbres are small...three bags of yard=waste to take 2 werk.

     There you go.  i should really load=up the microfix just to get rid of the POP=ups  The pooter is Really more trouble than it's werth!  I mean, pisha, how long does it take 4 these technoids to fix their blank CODE???  Pardon me while i leave this page And diagnose my programmes...and while i'm at it, popsters, I AM not going to PAY money 4 your short=lived fixes.  everyone who agrees---comment here or e=mail the Slaquero.  BETTER yet, call me on my Real=fone or send scathing snail=messages.  i'd add some pix but in this 'mood' which i did not choose...             frustrated

     Never mind---i'll probly just quit the whole meshugenah!

           love the like minds

            Slack, slightly put out

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floralilia said...

i agree.


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