Wednesday, October 8, 2003

My Mood is: flabbergasted

AS the Chinese might say--we live in Interesting Times.

     I really didn't expect Conan to carry the Golden state; someone from the Cally=contingent please advise.       [insert joke here]     

     So I'm like minding my own business dodging stink=bugs and skeeters at the yard, helpin' the grey set with boxes of yard waste...    but i did happen to listen to Terry Gross's interview on NPR with Bill O'Reilly...   it was like Reality=Radio.  Now, i know she soft-pedalled the previous interview with Al Franken and Bill pointed that out but Wow!  The eminent Mr. O'Reilly seems to be wound a little tight, even for a TV Commentator.   In his favour, Bill held his own for forty minutes and made some good distinctions between reportage and defamation.  In Terry's defense, she did conduct a pretty balanced interview, as always.   [soap=box]:  I might read his book & still avoid his slightly annoying TV show.  Still, i have to listen to Terry at werk becos she is a nice radio interviewer and all i get in the shack is NPR or classic(al) music.         Damn stink=bugs!

     Someday, jay, i'll have links to all this good stuff i merely experience...but for now i have to go check the Penta=Glows.       As always, Read at risk and Comment often--the SLACKINATOR

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floralilia said...

tis risky risque business reading that slackinator.


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