Monday, September 29, 2003

The big two Thousand

     We sure do live in the interesting times.  The California gubernatorial 'race', the Presidential field on the Dem side And the slippery slope of back=pedaling in the current Administration.  Don't get me wrong--i like Don and Condy and Colin...but their bosses at Justice and the Big house are swimming in cloudy waters.  And i think everyone inside the beltway should take a deep breath and look up the word 'Patriot' before they deconstruct the Constitution any much more.  But, that's just me...

     Meanwhile in the Real world: i once said [to myself in print] that,"I know more people that are Dead than i have met."  The original statement was facetious; but now that Greatness is truly behind us, the words have become slightly more prescient.  I noticed the trend a few years ago that famous people were obituating at a good rate.  Not an unexpected fenomenon [intentional misspelling] considering the wideness of reportage and the lowering of the grades of celebrity.  Well--there you go.

     Added thots: There are more people Alive now than there have Ever been!  It's mathematical progression...  I wouldn't be a very good natural filosofer if i did not call attention to that fact.  {every man's Death diminishes me--Dunne}   But as i live i wonder, where are the 900 internet fans who are going to send my hit=counter into the 2K Realm?  It's a small problem in the werld at large for sure...not ego=centered but i must toddle.        [thinking]        Shellac

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