Sunday, September 21, 2003

Utter Madness!

     This is one tired dumpster-monkey.  Everyone in the Township came to drop off stuff and i was so busy directing traffic that i didn't eat lunch--or even listen to the NPR[national public radio].  Trucks & trailers, regulars and stragglers They came...first to fill five roll-offs, then to uberfill them [2PM].  And they kept coming with more and more yard-waste until we Super-uberfilled the bins And you couldn't throw another stick or leaf on top of the mountain of brush and branches.

     The utter madness of all this yard work was caused this year by three factors:  One--it was a really good growing season, lotsa rain and no time to cut...  Two--more rain on weekends than ever, causing the yuppies to put off trimming week after week, altho some regulars did come in the rain...periodically.  And Three--Hurricane/tropical storm Isabel coming through two and a half weeks after Labor Day, thereby clipping and trimming all the Unfinished projects. [hey, if it weren't for Mother Nature, would we do outside work at all?]

     Every muscle in my body aches and every brain cell i had left was wasted on traffic logistics--still, there were no Accidents.  I shoulda had a camera to take a picture of my poor overloaded roll-offs... One cannot say that i stole my paycheck for this week, climbing all over those bins like a madman!

     Meanwhile, off-time, i enjoy reading all the AWOL Glows[blogs] and commenting on the amazing lives of the Authors...Lotsa lotsa Talent out there.  This webthing might catch on.          slack sunday


slacbacmac said...

adding my own comment---pathetic, n'est-ce-pas?

floralilia said...


'cept the "this webthing might catch on." bit...


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