Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Slack is not Worthy!

Wow!!  I am really impresst with some of these other blogs!   It puts me in mind of restarting the skool of life, some=where around high school or college.   But then i'm not much for the Recriminations...  [laughter]

     Hey, what about me?  The car goes good now to a drizzly werkplace.  I appreciated having Monday off but it also didn't fill my pocket.

    Answer to question unposed: why does he write so big?  'Becos altho i don't say important things...i prefer that readers [and authors] not strain eyes unduly with that ubiquitous "Ariel 10".  OR as my brother once put it in a game of Dictionary,"I won't look at it unless it's there."

   Deeper still, my old=man once actually said,"make sure you know all that you Understand."  Wisdom does come rarely from Engineers who practise Christian Science!

   Now, if only i'd had a more different brother....hmmmm

  MY prescient question is: do Blogs represent a mere extension of 'drifty e=mail' OR some new kind of journalism with a filosofical bent?

     Answer often/sleep well



grandmumsy08 said...

I totally think it is new journalism.

like really dude.


karynetaylor said...

I started reading in December and got all the way to HERE to find out why you write so big!!!

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

well slacmoisture?


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