Wednesday, September 17, 2003

There has to be a Subject??

     Alright, already--I promise, John, to keep my entries case-sensitive and brief.   Also, and furthermore I swear to spell correctly hereafter.  What a conundrum!   It's just so obsequious and perpendicular.

     Also and moreover, I will try to be less conversational and more narrative; apparently noone wishes to read a Journal which takes shortcuts.

     I went to work and accomplished my provided tasks.  Then I came home and 'surfed the Web' on my  home computer.  Some of the Journals I perused were quite efficacious and illuminating.  Do I sound like a teacher of English yet?  Please ignore the previous comment because it was both cynical and uncalled for.

     We do inhabit a bizarre world, do we not?  Yes, again, I perceive the question to be rhetorical as well as nearly self-explanatory.  If I spent all my journalistic life composing in this fashion, I would go mad!  And in short order, I might add.

     The author of this particular entry does not wish to be obsequious or verbose, but there you go.  If we were to all write in this fashion, the 'fad' of Web journaling would die an unhappy death.    

     Forgive my untimely exit; I am communicating

with my favorite relative.


floralilia said...

what the hell?!

slac is MIA...i want him back.

is there a ransom note?

slacbacmac said...

{Deep Reader: 'twas a brief escape from the Vernacular.}

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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