Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Makes a nice Radio, i guess

it took me awhile to get back to this entry because Cat instanted[message] Me about how desperately her childrens needed Haircuts.  I personally don't have the time, energy or Enough hair to pondre such Adventures.  Yet Cat is the alltogthre great rudder of our crasy dynasty!  She so good special rectifying influence of in-law-ness.  And she puts up with both of the remaining Engineers we so represent.

      Therefor, cudos maximas to CAT...even if she has no time to read this blog-thinger, and i hope the haircuts are clean [Shear tight, george, but sheaR nicely and i mean that].

     Trim the bacon, Loo, becos you've already won a coupon for same; and good luck on being the 10 thousandth hit!  It could happen...

    Nephs and niets: why no stinging and efficacious Commentary?  Oh, i forget some of you are Homeless or misdirected  and moreover otherwise occupied of correcting the Werld [a long and pointless joke].  NO! Seriously, stay beautiful and keep fighting for good like Maxwell Smart.

   I'll get the hand of this yet--i said hand.  Other visitors: be patient of the Content or dig Deeper---there is a lot of subtext! Run well and hard tomorro becos most of the current Ghosts are ticked off!

     Signifying off obliquely & obscurely, your confidante                el Slacko


uscga1995 said...

Great uncle,
I am very upset that I just spent 15 minutes authoring some comments only to find out that I can only use 500 characters or less. Thus - I deleted my deep thoughts and you are stuck with this complaint.

Your nefew brian

slacbacmac said...

yeah i found that out one time too...sux don't it? By the time you get to the
fiftieth werd---HEY! The one-year-old Needs YOU!
So Naturally--longer commentary should be written on werpad and sent in a
Email. smooches to all three from the GREATEST uncle

floralilia said...

"Other visitors: be patient of the Content or dig Deeper---there is a lot of subtext! "

verily what the man sayeth is true.


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