Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Elemental Synergy

    So I'm like, sitting behind this car at the gas station, and like this middle-aged lady fills up her Camry, y'know  And then she like drives off and i like, pull up to the pump y'know and like the store-girl like asks me, like,"did you pump gas already?"  And i'm like,"No, not yet.", y'know...and so like i follow her into the store and proceed like to like tell them that i was like just Waiting, y'know.             [change of tone] They were very busy and i just needed 10 dollars American of Petrol.  OH--and cigarets.  But i entered an alternate=reality.  The woman ahead of me had surely Inadvertently committed 'theft of service' And i was the perfect Witness.  I have a bad habit of noticing people who cause me ever=slight problems.  So--to the clerk who was operating that Register--i described the Car, the Woman And the License Plate.  The girls behind the desk were noticeably Amazed as i gave them a complete description.  The red-head commented,"We've never got so much information before."  I quietly added,"yeh, kinda remarkable."

     Which has nothing to do with Elemental Synergy.  I merely happened to Notice a lot of stuff; i hope the woman realised her mistake and came back to pay for the Gas.  Otherwise I might hear from the Polizia!!

   And then i got my fuel & cigarets and smoothly, greenly went to werk. [idiosyncratic Spelling]  Werk observable.  Chipmunk skittish; author done.  the slack=master Alternativo


slacbacmac said...

Hey there gang! No--it really is pathetic that an Esteemed Author must make
commentary on his own werk. But, Remember, I've been doing Logs and Journals for a long, long time. Chastise me or the woman in the story--I'm sensitive but i can take it. Love the love and 'pay for gas' --me [slak]

floralilia said...

Werk observable.

"thank heavens someone is paying attention," said she.


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