Monday, September 8, 2003

He was Just an Excitable boy

Gone too soon---NPR featured the great Werewolf and just last week I saw the poignant VH1 special about the making of the WIND.  Warren's Best of Album was one of the first Compact Discs I bought.

Godspeed.              Meanwhile and in other news...Lizard materialised at the beach to Party with the Seesters.  She must have that new-fangled Transporter technology.  OH...i keep forgetting she lives in Beantown.

     What? I have to write in this journal everyday?  What a cruel trick!  Even and especially when nothing remarkable is going on?  Oh, well, i guess i'll just start making stuff up.  Wouldn't be the first time...  OOps one of my fans just slippt in and slowed my Entry.  Never mind.

    Maybe the Fish doesn't even have a werd for 'water'.  Hmmm

     I'm not jealous of the partyers; i have my own beach at werk.  It just happens to be entirely Macadam [brand name].  The cuddies are just now beginning to ask me when i have to leave [for the Season].  It happens to be Pearl Harbor Day this year...and I've even been to the Arizona memorial!  What a life I've led so far.  And tomorro i could turn into a butterfly dreaming of being a Fish.  There's a theme here but I'm going to cut it short...the Simpsons are in syndication in my musty Cellar.         Doh!

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marymacf said...

This BLOG has had over 950 visits? If I am visitor #1000 do I win something?

slacbacmac said...

yes--of course you get a prise if you Happen to be the Thousandth visitor...
you get immediately deleted from making further Comments! HA HA
and a Rasher of bacon with a BOGO coupon from MY local grocery store.

louf48 said...

I win!!!!
I win!!!!
I win!!!!

slacbacmac said...

yes! yes! the slak bak flak wins the Bacon coupon!

WAIT! Shouldn't you people be on the Beach? And why did
you send Lizard home early? too many unanswered questions...


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