Thursday, September 18, 2003

Don't panic--just a Hurricane

     The world is not coming to an end... I've been in much larger weather on the Coast.  Which puts me in mind of the time I almost drowned in mud...  no, not really.

     Apologies: i sent back that Scottish/Irish story because it has no basis in historical fact.  So a big Mea Culpa to Rocky and her friends...

     Hey, Babs!  I beg forgiveness of interrupting your busy life with my Instant Message; but Hey, at least we're all talking again!  You could take me to the Reunion, if Jim and Cat won't accompany...hmmm

     MY fans at the top five GLOWS: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain--my input to your 'blogs' are Spurious at best.  And i haven't even learned how to 'attach' your Titles to my own 'favourite journal' Listing.  Mea Culpa.   Even john scalzi should slap me with a damp Noodle!

     Ignore previous comment.  Hey, lou!  What are you still doing here?  It's just a thing--you didn't expect Shakespeare just yet, did you? [rhetorical]  And you almost missed H-cane Bob altogether while i muddled through with your brightest son!

   And seeing as all that is in the past and nearly Regrettable...why am i still entering in this journal?  Hey!  Because it's foxtrot Fun!   Madness--it is contagious; just ask the Matriarch.

    Stay the course with Aunt 'Isabel'; there is many and much time to Revolt after the Week=end. [sorry Lou, had to use the equal sign!]

    Also, and furthermore---Rosemary, Danny & Ann might contact us after the 'averted' Disastre.   Grandma Hane was the original "Survivor".  Everybody: send stuff!   Especially during a Cyclone!


uscga1995 said...

I take offense to the "brightest son" remark.

Lost in Louisiana

slacbacmac said...

well, naturally, the 'capsizer' would take offense of missing out on a grand
Hurricane which he himself did not CAUSE! Remember the Rain that poured down
upon your Brother's Wedding...and did we ever PARTY!! As well in Corpus did we
bless you with our presence, altho grey and Beachy...and love the gown and shining of Tania equally 2 Jennifer. there really are no favourites to this grand
Uncle... big encompassing Love


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