Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Kate Jackson Speaks!!

     The kids at Collinwood, possessed as they be, are up to their old trix and therefor--Kate Jackson/Daphne Harridge can walk and talk like a real girl!   Secretly or not so much i admit i like Kate alot--she's an especial womanly archetype right up thru 'Sabrina'[charlie's angels] and Mrs. King [Scarecrow & Mrs. King]...and a serious dramatic actress as well.  Just anothre Kate who steals my heart...mmmmm

     Linda Kelsey was on Rockford but i made my breakfast and lunch instead of watching--those Rockford Files are timeless. [and often seen]

     And then to werk with the adequate ghost-car.  What a beautiful day to collect yard waste! [incomplete sentences]

      At home, altho stung or bit by a yellow-jacket at my own garage door, i go forward to update the GLOW [that's Web-LOG, back'ards...] Oh there are those cherch bells again--who's gonna watch the Season Premiere of ENTERPRISE?  And even if you don't watch it, check out Wil Wheaton's blog [he was Wesley Crusher on STNG] or GLOW becos it's impressif!  Just ask glow-meister jscalzi [at his journal]. Meanwhile and else, life is good.   HEY, lurkers! Send your thots here and allround the 'Hometown'.   The Slack has a brief harness and his roll-offs know his voice.  Stellar greetings and salivations---          author

     {aerosmith: Slak this Way}


floralilia said...

"Meanwhile and else, life is good."

yes, it sure is.....slakrocker.

slacbacmac said...

{Flo' told me to,"Slac this Way, Mac this way..."}


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