Saturday, September 13, 2003

The Famous & the not so Famous

The text is finally Black for several reasons.  But mostly becos black is the colour of Mourning and many of us have much to mourn.  To Wit:

   One: The victims of Osama's fanaticism.

   Two: The victims of War, including our honored dead in Iraq & Afghanistan as well as Collateral victims there and elsewhere in the world--killing must END.

  Three: John Ritter--a comic/dramatic actor surprisingly cut in mid-stride.

   Four: Leni R., a great German Filmmaker, even if she unwittingly glorified the Regime of a Monster.

   Five:  Edwin Teller, a brilliant scientist who accidentally made a generation fearful of the Element Hydrogen.

   Six:  The Man in Black.  Johnny Cash.  He and Warren Zevon [plus countless others] are picking and grinning on the dark side IN A BRIGHT PLACE.  They are not in a Ring Of Fire...just singing about it to an angelic backing group.

   Seven:  the rest of us...ordinary people passing on or carrying Through.  How precious life alltogethre, from the simplest florid birth to the least dignified horrible end of days.  Weep in glory or Rend the garments of Injustice---we are the most fragile of God's creatures!  And why?  Becos we experience our fragility and helplessness so completely.  And so the angels often envy our esteemed estate.

     Arise you sleepers!  The sun will rise tomorro And you must soak up its present Glory.   For you nor i know the Day on which it will not Rise again...

    IN truth and Beauty, ever-loving   Slack

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floralilia said...

oh my....

how wonderous you are to me, my friend.


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