Friday, August 1, 2003

onward and upward, briefly

These are the times which sigh mensch trolls...

whatever that means.  I ran around town like

the proverbial chicken with a classic car.  Many

needed groceries were bot.  And other boring

stuff (incomplete sentence).  Now, back at home i can reflect on the day...hmmmmm.

Reflection over.  I understand that many many

people use these 'blobs' to create an artificial yet personally realistic template of life.  But

since i am just beginning, i don't know exactly

how to reconcile the autonymic nature of such

a malleable discourse.  Is it soliloquy or Revelation?  And if the latter: relavent or

revalatory?  More importantly perhaps, does

the composition of this type journal interfere in

any way the natural 'voice' most writers cultivate on paper pages (to an undescribed

audience)?   Deep questions worthy of exploration, oneself thinks.  The answers to

which might also get the Author into deep sludge. [strap on boots]   Fortunately, as a

practising filosofer (intentional misspelling) and

sometimes Writer, i possess all the correct tools

for discerning teleologic principles when in use.

HuH?  Never's not that important.

Kwai Chang: "Old Man, how is it that you hear

such things?"

Master Po:  "Young Man, How is it that you do

not?"                                later

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floralilia said...

i hear you - oh slacmaster..


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