Tuesday, August 5, 2003

what's so easy about easy designer?

All=right i say again...  Maybe I'm too old to set up my own

Web=page.  Still, Awol and windows don't make it as easy

as they'd like you to believe.

A prophet is never accepted in

his own Neighborhood.  My car, my cassette players, my

basement television=set--they

all have less 'moving parts'.

     Be that as it may and less-than-zero, one can only hope that such problems Shall be

resolved over time...

     Another wise=man said of

myself: "He'd be lost without his Mother/Father/other fambly

member[parafrase]."  My personal reply to such a pointed observation was,"Hey!

I'm already lost!"


slacbacmac said...

sometimes one speaks in the moment when one doesn't know what the hell
one is talking about. It's not so much the message as the messenger and he
can make a MESS=age of such things!
Hey--why is it so hot in here?

k8mackenz said...

Hey... if it were easy anyone could do it... maybe even I could do it??? The graphics are nice. your beeg seester

floralilia said...

just remember this ohlostslacmaster - wherever you go ....there you are. forget all that other crap.


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