Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Quick note

here's the thing: it's hot and greasy in my home=town but the pictures i get from the people i love more than make up for it.  Imagine a place where you actually see such things, instead of down=loading them thru the pop-ups.  Utopia? probly not.  The computre is only a tool...Life is what happens when you're not checking the oil on your Hummer.  I'm sorry I cannot speak more on the subject but the Air=Conditioning is affecting my Brain.  Pull the weeds, salve the Poison & go to werk to rescue the green=ghost.

      These are my objectifs

in a complicated werld.

    party on, wayne.  party

on, Garth.            end


girls24dreams said...

man,i just got home f...king blasted.dude call a museum.that shit u drew,crazy

floralilia said...



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