Friday, August 8, 2003

Summer=time blues

It was the muggiest day of the year--well OK it

wasn't all that bad.  Just nice enough to cut the

widow's grass; i should check my Cucumbres and pull more Poison.  Still, yesterday i did manage to make four big bags of yard=crud...

     Moreover and alltogether, it's the life of a

gutless toady and pretty(?) easy at that for someone not named Reilly----what the heck does that mean??  I'm just waiting to put the

rear=view mirror back on Grandma's Green

Ghost[it's a car].  No, seriously, has anybody else noticed how many white butterflies/moths

are floating around on the East Coast?  It's an

omen of something i believe.  {Commentators please Advise!}  Note to self:"Self, update and upgrade Everything on the dell before Steve Jobs and Willy Gates drop by yourself   to show

one=self How."  Like i would even be at home and not asleep/ or is it that i would be awake in

some other location?  Ponder this only briefly becos it leads to an Existential paradox.

     Must eat more of my BABA billy=chili, and then go downstairs for to listen to real musik...

Hey! Rocky!  good to haf you bak---i didn't mean to cut you off the other day but i was maximising and minimising too many Winders;

put Lotion immediately on that sun=bern.

                     luvall & forever

"you look Marvelous---and you know who you are Dahh=lings..."  --Billy Crystal as Fernando


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floralilia said...

i like the evil slac...


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