Saturday, August 9, 2003

Eight Hawks at werk

all=right...  i did haf a picture here but i blanked it out somehow.  No matter.  There will be other opportunities.  Hey! Where's the dang spell=check on this page??

Never=mind... sometimes it helps to have your inside rearview mirror fall onto the seat, overnight.  Hard

to believe it's held up there by two drops of accelerated glue!  Meanwhile, Rewind and forget that the Rockster didn't go to the sunscreen required. But to=day i was just standing around with the trux and trailers And lo and behold (who says that?)...three hawks came into view, then four, then five or six...all circling lazily in the sky about 20 metres up.  None

of my cuddies noticed becos they were busy unloading their stuff--but

i am the Great Obserfator and counted eight of the magnificent creatures before they dispersed on the grey and drizzly thermals.  Man!

i wish i could float and fly like that!

"Torn, tied and twisted, just an earth=bound misfit, I"   -pink floyd

     Hane is watching the base=ball; i just don't get it.  Grown men with stirrup pants running after a little white ball...   i won't go there.

    Every=where and Inconsequentially:  the log is long and moderately visited.  Also only more than a slight bit BORING! (i vaguely hear the counter=commentary of objection.)

     What is the sound of one voice groaning?        [rhetorical question]

      Later this week: secrets of the known Universe, slack=style     lata

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floralilia said...

i notice things like that too slac.....suspecting kindredness here...


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