Saturday, August 23, 2003

james and the small peaches

Things couldn't be better.  [there's a broad statement.]  jimmy came up from Texas and entertained us largely--that's what Engineers do.  I for myself am simply Amazed at my own ability to sometimes stay awake.  [insert joke here]

     Hane is on her summer diet of peaches and decaf coke.  And hey!  Why is that classic decaf cola so hard to find?

Wait--here she is herself [hane] watching a repeat of this morning's Mass on television; whose idea was that?  Certainly not the people who attended catholic skool for 20 years and ever since have Assiduosly avoided Cherch there=after!  I'm going nowhere with this...                          Otherwise, the summer is beautiful now, if ending a little too early.

     Hey gang! Hey fans!  I sense the end of this particular entry---send comments freely and other stuff discreetly.  And if you're just lurking...  Go someplace else!

This is a really really clean site.         slack

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