Wednesday, August 27, 2003


all=right.  Form ever follows function... Cat needed a ride from having her own Sedan trouble so i obliged.  It was early enuf in the morning that i missed 1 episode of Dark Shadows.  Quel domage!  Ten more rides and we'll be even.  Ha=gurgle=ha.

     Oh no!  It's those damned cherch=bells again.  I wish they would play a song i knew.  Or at least an aleatoric/atonic Theme related to some of my own music---i should drop a cassette in their mail=box and deal with the consequences.  Can one say,"rambling blog entry?"  I find these days that i am so busy updating that i forget to create new 'pictures' for the Header.  Art 4 Art's sake, i always say.  [all=right, i never say that; it's the sign of a weak intellect.]    "To the Lumber=yard!", as Kenneth Mars opined so eloquently in

Young Frankenstein.  More and better later i assure; Read and post, think and act---check those machine=fluids often

     Ever=mindful yet simple



iwantmymtv73 said...

Sometimes I wonder if Tania is slipping acid tabs into my diet pepsi.....

Tell me why the road turns!

slacbacmac said...

Why does the River turn? Becos there's a freakin' Mountain in the way!

People who drink Diet Pepsi.....well, they might have added something

at the factory just to make you WOW DID YOU SEE THAT??


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