Monday, August 11, 2003

Will it ever Stop Raining?

and the it comes. what the heck is this?    if i didn't know better, i'd

say there was a conspiracy to keep me on this 'putre!  Well, never=mind.  The car vroomed in the morning and took me to werk, which wasn't hard becos the Rain came down in buckets around three.

   The green=ghost got a good warshing but she balked at the prospect of taking me home--what a

Woman!  So i took my Gilligan=hat and waited for the double-you [it's a bus that sounds like a Warren Zevon song] in the drizzle.  Tomorro or the next day i will haf to rescue the ghost for more driving.  She's lovely to go when she vrooms up and a pain when she balks--at least the mirror is attached!

     Oh yeh!  Secrets of the known universe, as promised.  Always use Fels=Naphtha soap after yard=werk even 'tho you still get the Poison=Ivy.  When in doubt, choose the colour Blue: it goes with everything.   Also--use Mathematics and the English language sparingly...apparently no=one in the third or second werld trusts anyone who can talk about fractions in a condescending Saxon accent.  There's more, but i have to save something for my TV show.

[billions and billions of galaxies...and we are made of star=stuff           -Carl Sagan]

        Quod Erat Demonstrandum

a damp yet hopeful slacker signs off


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floralilia said...

odd..we women usually love to be pushed when wet...

(gasp! did i just write that?!)


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