Saturday, August 2, 2003

self-portrait recently

it's vicarious, isn't it?  Imagine a great artist

(if there is one) stooping to create a fantastic

werk of art on Windows Paint...  i guess it happens more often than i thought.

     Hey----if you're out there, and by some crasy accident you've stumbled onto this mess:

feel free to send a brief and critical comment,

even if you like the journal so far.

     Ooops--gotta climb into my cellar and watch

Clarissa Darling/Sabrina the teen=age Witch get hitched  and without any Snarling, there must be a Poem in there Somewhere.

      Hart of my Heart; and best wishes

[slacbac signs off for now; luv the luv y'all]


karynetaylor said...

step away from the computer art-rendering program...

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

love it. just love it.


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