Sunday, August 3, 2003

Meanwhile, Back at the yard...

The unexamined life is not worth...a plug nickel.

Hogan's Heroes,"Who Is This Maaaan??"

You should see me when I'm climbing all over

these monster Dumpsters (brand=name). And

you should see the kind of Stuff people attempt

to put in them!      And they said i wouldn't amount to anything.  Too much thinking for a

lazy Sunday...         uh-oh: there's a storm coming and i haf to wrap this up---wouldn't want to test my surge protection all that much.

Nature can be such a cruel Mistress...but i like

her myself.  Keep those cards and lettres coming...                     slaclogster primo


karynetaylor said...

Is that YOU? OH, I am learning so much this morning (while NOT going to church, I might add)

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

handsome elvislac.


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