Monday, August 18, 2003

loose ends

Hey gang!  Don't these dogs look cool on a steamy summer day?  [rhetorical]

Apologies all round--       Kay: you had no

way of knowing that your surprise party would put out the lights in Toronto.

     Mary: read and comment often--i was really just being snippy.                         Rocky: 'Epistemology' is the theory and science of knowledge, especially regarding its limits and validity.

     Every=body else:  come as you's only a jernal.  Yet, feedback is welcome.   Feel free.

     Mea culpa, mea Newbius culpa.     More content later----               Slack


marymacf said...

Bill, Bill, Bill,
It wasn't Mary who wrote "huh"! It was me!

slacbacmac said...

mary, mary...where are you going to?
if this was Louis--very Amusing.
if this was one of a thousand other Marys
i know and love: thank you a billion!

To all my other fans far and wide--stay tuned
we're in for a wild ride. Hey, that rhymes.

floralilia said...

i had a dog like that. she died.

best damn dogs in the werld.


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